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Maria Simpson | Executive Coach in Los Angeles

My goal is your success.

I'll help you develop your communications skills and build the trusting relationships that identify you as a leader.

No matter where we are in our organizations or in our careers, just starting out or at the highest levels of leadership, we can all benefit from having a coach.

Executive Coach - Leadership Development

We have all kinds of coaches — sports, music, writing, wellness — and an executive coach can help us develop the communications skills and trusting relationships that make us effective leaders.

I’m that coach.

I’ve led departments, created new services, chaired divisions and boards in organizations both large and small, local and international.


I’m a teacher, executive coach, consultant, mediator, trainer, and writer.     

Maria Simpson P.h.D.

I was honored to be interviewed by Lorrel Elian for her program on International Women’s Month. An entrepreneur for over 30 years, Lorrel is a musician, author, and Women’s Health Activist. It was a pleasure to talk to her about women and the wonderful  work we do.

Programs and Services


My programs make coaching widely available to those who'd like help with both short-term problem solving or longer-term planning and development. 

We'll look at communications dynamics and approaches that support effective management decisions, foster relationships, and help you to be recognized as a leader.

Conflict Resolution

No one wants to go to work every day and face ongoing conflict. I'm a trained mediator and can act as a neutral third party to resolve disagreements among colleagues before they start thinking that leaving is the only alternative to ongoing disagreements. 

I can also teach you and your colleagues the skills and techniques of mediation to reduce tension, build trust, and develop more effective ways of working together. 

Team Development

A group working on a project is not necessarily a team with a common focus and commitment to a goal. 

Team development projects focus on eliminating the barriers to building the trust necessary for team success and establishing ways of reaching agreement, whether that team is at the department level or is the Board of Directors. 

Leadership Development

Leadership requires very different skills and perspectives from management. If you have achieved a leadership position — or are preparing for one —working with a coach on new relationships, responsibilities, communications, and strategies can provide the needed insights. 

Consulting and Special Projects

Unique situations require unique solutions, including surveys, interviews, assessments, coaching and supportive consulting. We can find ways to meet those needs and provide the necessary information to build on.

Publications and Resources

Find resources on management and organizational communications, free newsletters, book reviews, and access to the library of over 200 columns from the Two Minute Training series.

Maria Simpson Services

Let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve the success you deserve.

Maria Simpson Testimonials

Maria is all about finding solutions to your work situations. The best approach to managing teams, the best methods of handling various personalities, the best way to be a success at work are all part of her coaching process. Maria is a catalyst for resolution and effectiveness, and I have personally found her experience to be invaluable. 

- SAP Technical and Security Specialist

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