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The Director of the division bringing in over 85% of the agency's annual income had the strong sense that trust in his leadership was waning. His managers reassured him that everything was fine, but his board of directors challenged his reports and were beginning to think he was losing control over projects. Using assessments, we realized that there was a clash in communications styles and needs that was undermining his position. Trust levels rose quickly when he recognized how the miscommunication occurred and adjusted his presentations to meet their needs. He was recruited for a CEO position a year later.

The Executive Director of a nonprofit was having significant conflicts with a volunteer and had run out of ideas of what to do next. In just one session we developed successful communications strategies to address the problem.

These leaders were lucky; their organizations paid for coaching services, but not everyone is so fortunate, and coaching can be expensive. 

Whether you need quick, check-in coaching to define and address a short term issue or longer-term coaching for ongoing issues or leadership development, there is a coaching program for you at reasonable costs and on flexible schedules.

When you need someone to run something by or provide a different perspective on a problem, On-Call Coaching is for you. Available on an hourly basis and at your convenience, this service is a perfect alternative to longer term coaching when short-term problem solving is the primary need.

Longer-term, on-going executive coaching for developing the leadership communications and conflict resolutions skills needed for your ideal leadership position are available for a fixed annual fee and at regularly scheduled times. Having someone who understands the context of a concern and the time needed to work out the details makes for better decisions and more confidence in their success.

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help in solving the workplace relationship problems between me and my boss. Five hours of coaching consultation may seem like a lot of time to someone else, but, to me, the countless hours of stress and confrontation saved far outweigh this . . .  Years of built-up tension went away in a matter of a few weeks after applying your coaching techniques.

James, Orange County Government Agency

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