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The Planner for Successful Meetings

The Planner for Successful Meetings.

A planner and questionnaire to identify the five meeting missteps that might be undermining the success of your meetings, suggest ways of fixing them, and look at ways to increase your impact on meetings as well. Eight copies of the questionnaire are included so you can track one meeting over time or several for just one or two meetings.


The two parts of the questionnaire, first on the meeting and another on your participation, are completely separated so the first part can be collected by the team leader and used in confidence as a team development tool. Available in early 2024 on amazon!

Caught in the Middle: 5 Crucial Insights into Mastering Middle Management

This book provides insight into management success so people early in their careers can avoid the mistakes that hold them back professionally or that continue into their leadership positions. The five insights I wish I had learned earlier in my career and what I hope will help you advance in yours.

Chapters include:

  • Your Title Is Not Your Job

  • Creating an Adaptable Management Style

  • The First Task: Defining and Redefining Relationships

  • There’s No Avoiding the Negative

  • Managing People IS the Work.

Great Book . . .  Provides middle managers with insight and guideposts in maneuvering through the complexities of leadership. A must read for everyone wanting to increase their management expertise.

Leading Unstoppable Teams!

A collection of over 50 columns on leadership and conflict resolution from the Two Minute Training series. Part I Explores What Makes Teams Unstoppable! Part II looks at What Keeps Teams from Being Unstoppable, and Part III looks at how to move a team From Stopped to Unstoppable! Topics include sections on leadership, trust, change, and of course, meetings.

Maria Simpson Book Available on Amazon
Leading Unstoppable Teams! - Maria Simpson

Look for "Tales from the Conference Room: 5 Teams in Trouble and their Transformations", later this year.

Looking at five teams in varying stages of success, from everything going wrong to everything going right, and finding the route for getting from fair to highly functioning.

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